Sustaining Our Campus

IU Office of Sustainability

Help support our innovative campus greening programs! Learn how our students receive access to world-class faculty and research—giving them the opportunity to be a catalyst for change in sustainability.

$365 Raised
8 Donors
$3,500 Goal

Class of 1988 Scholarship Endowment

School of Medicine

What better way to celebrate our IU School of Medicine 30th reunion than to raise scholarship funds for the next generation of IU-trained physicians?

$150 Raised
2 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Chinese Hoosiers Scholarship Fund

186 Bridge

Your generosity enables students interested in Chinese culture to pursue their dreams! This scholarship also rewards those students, including Chinese citizens, who show financial need.

$597 Raised
17 Donors
$1,860 Goal

Bring Change to the World

The Ostrom Workshop

Help us change the world! Research and analysis from the Ostrom Workshop have the potential to create significant change. Empower us today with your gift to the Workshop.

$1,195 Raised
15 Donors
$2,000 Goal

IUPUI Mentoring Initiative

Kelley MBA Programs

A mentor inspires and challenges, develops your EQ and mind, and never judges. The Kelley M³ – Moment to Momentum Mentoring Program is vital for students. Your gift allows Kelley mentors and mentees to connect & succeed!

$1,170 Raised
13 Donors
$1,500 Goal

Mental Health Wellness

Kelley School of Business

Make a gift to support mental health wellness initiatives at the Kelley School of Business. Your support will teach future generations of business leaders the importance of stress management and self-care.

$24,088 Raised
126 Donors
$22,000 Goal

Vision for a Greater Greek Community

Fraternity & Sorority Competition

Indiana University is poised to be the most progressive fraternity and sorority community in the U.S., and we need your help. Please make your gift today to enable values-based development for our Greek community!

$5,700 Raised
37 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Healing Help for Hoosiers

CAPS Counseling and Psychological Services

In Bloomington, a growing number of students are experiencing mental health crises and the need for supportive services. Help us expand our services and make support more accessible by giving a gift today!

$1,270 Raised
13 Donors
$2,500 Goal

Bolstering Scholarship Opportunities

Kinesiology & Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management

Kinesiology and TCEM students need your help to bridge the gap of significant, unmet financial need. Your kind support today of the P. Nicholas Kellum Scholarship makes a difference for our top students!

$1,905 Raised
60 Donors
$2,500 Goal

Changing Their Lives, Your Communities and Our…

IU Kokomo

IU Kokomo offers students an environment of endless curiosity while preparing them for whatever comes next. Your gift to the IU Kokomo Alumni Association Scholarship endowment helps to bring a brighter future for all.

$450 Raised
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$2,500 Goal

Support the College Luminaries Program

College of Arts and Sciences

By establishing life-changing student-alumni connections, our program provides students with unique opportunities to gain leadership and professional experience. Your gift today helps create tomorrow’s industry leaders!

$4,720 Raised
26 Donors
$3,500 Goal

Scholarships for Social Work Students

IUSSW Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment

At IU, many social work students are the first generation in their families seeking college degrees. Your financial support helps students focus less on their bills, and more on their education. Please make a gift today!

$2,530 Raised
48 Donors
$2,000 Goal

Chancellor's Medallion Scholarship

IU Southeast

Your generosity helps future leaders of our community achieve their academic goals! Join us in supporting these extraordinary students by making your donation to the Chancellor’s Medallion Scholarship fund.

$570 Raised
10 Donors
$6,000 Goal

Support the Student Opportunity Initiative

University Library at IUPUI

As one of the largest student employers at IUPUI, University Library enhances library services and activities through meaningful investment in our students. Give today to advance programming and student success at IUPUI!

$150 Raised
3 Donors
$1,000 Goal

Keep Student Journalism Strong!

Indiana Daily Student Legacy Fund

The Indiana Daily Student has been changing lives of student journalists for more than 150 years – your support can keep it going into the future.

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53 Donors
$3,000 Goal

Transformative Cinematic Experiences FOR ALL! …

IU Cinema

Your gift will allow IU Cinema to strengthen and sustain its commitment to providing unparalleled learning opportunities for students and transformative cinematic experiences accessible for all.

$6,070 Raised
25 Donors
$6,000 Goal

We Got Your Six!

IU South Bend

We want our veterans and their families to know that “We Got Their Six” by making sure they are able to pursue higher education without financial pitfalls. Join us in promising them that we have their backs!

$885 Raised
15 Donors
$1,500 Goal

Improv: A Tool for Change

Camp Yes And by Indiana Institute on Disability and Community

Improv is more than just comedy—it’s how we are transforming education! Our improv programs allow social skills instruction to be fun for youth with autism. And we can continue to offer it at no cost with your support!

$3,345 Raised
63 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Honoring Carolyn Lipson-Walker

Borns Jewish Studies Program

With the guidance of Dr. Lipson-Walker, our program is one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind. Support this scholarship to honor her 25 years of dedication to Jewish Studies at IU and its top seniors!

$10,355 Raised
48 Donors
$25,000 Goal

Help the Marching Hundred Shine

Matching Instrument Campaign

At Indiana University, the Marching Hundred is a constant our fans know and love. They are the rhythm of IU. Your gift today will help the band look as good as they sound through the purchase of new matching instruments!

$12,670 Raised
140 Donors
$12,000 Goal

Celebrating Folk Artists of Indiana

Mathers Museum of World Cultures

Folk artists in Indiana make significant contributions to their artistic traditions and to our state’s rich heritage. With your gift you can celebrate master artists and expand public awareness of Indiana's folk arts.

$2,351 Raised
61 Donors
$2,000 Goal

Support Study Abroad Scholarships

Fairbanks School of Public Health

Students who study abroad return transformed by the opportunity to travel outside of their culture and away from home. Your support today will enable worldview-changing experiences for our students!

$1,325 Raised
14 Donors
$2,500 Goal


Global Linguistic Community Online

As the premier global information portal for the field of linguistics, the LINGUIST List is headquartered right here at IU. Help us reach our goal and continue our mission to support linguists and the study of languages.

$2,560 Raised
31 Donors
$3,500 Goal

Wells Scholars Class Campaign

Alumni Competition

Help support the Wells Scholars Program by making your class gift today! Your gift supports Chancellor Wells’ program legacy of broad-based education, academic freedom, international outreach, and intellectual curiosity.

$24,012 Raised
230 Donors
$22,000 Goal

IUAA Alumni Communities Scholarships

IU Alumni Association

The IU Alumni Association invites you to support IU students by contributing to our scholarship campaign. Find your chapter scholarship below or click Donate Now to support the IUAA Scholarship fund!

$17,200 Raised
245 Donors
$20,000 Goal

IUAA Above and Beyond

IU Alumni Association

The IUAA invites you to go "above and beyond" membership to provide vital support for the many programs the IUAA offers, including scholarships, the alumni directory, the alumni community network, and much more.

$7,694 Raised
61 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Bridging the Gap in Financial Crisis

Student Advocates Office

At IU, thanks to visionary leadership, we’re helping students stay enrolled even if they experience financial hardship due to unexpected situations. Your gift helps us offer assistance that bridges the gap!

$1,095 Raised
14 Donors
$2,500 Goal

Scholarships for Nursing Students

IU Bloomington

The Alumni for Students Scholarship was established to provide a connection for alumni! Please connect with your alma mater and current nursing students on the Bloomington campus by making your gift today!

$175 Raised
3 Donors
$1,000 Goal

Service Learning in The Media School

Education Beyond the Classroom

Show your support for the Media School Service Learning fund! Your gift gives students the opportunity to develop and utilize key media skills at real-world organizations and in our communities.

$1,245 Raised
8 Donors
$2,500 Goal

Support Union Board Scholarships

John Whittenberger Society

Students on Union Board plan programs, events, and experiences for all of the IU community, including peers, faculty, staff, and alumni. Your gift today supports scholarships for these dedicated, deserving students!

$3,140 Raised
34 Donors
$3,500 Goal

Educate to Improve Mental Health

IUPUC Community Initiative

You have the power to help IUPUC prepare professionals who will address addiction and mental health issues in our communities. Together we can double the impact of this campaign, each gift will be matched--up to $25,000!

$15,290 Raised
89 Donors
$25,000 Goal

Support the IU School of Optometry

Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment

Share the IU School of Optometry Alumni Association’s vision to help the best and brightest students attend IU! When you give to our scholarship endowment, you are directly supporting a new generation of professionals.

$1,825 Raised
20 Donors
$3,000 Goal

Support SPEA Scholarships

Alumni Association Scholarships

Your gift of any size makes a difference! Members of the SPEA Alumni Board will generously provide a $1,600 match if at least 100 people contribute to the Scholarship Fund.

$5,495 Raised
48 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Invest in the Future of our Students

IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI

Be a hero in the lives of liberal arts students and help them realize their potential during their academic career. Show your support with a gift today!

$250 Raised
6 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Support Girls STEM Institute

IUPUI School of Education

You can help transform communities by empowering girls and young women of color to become leaders, innovators, and educators who use STEM as a tool for change. Our goal is to Challenge. Empower. Transform.

$1,873 Raised
25 Donors
$3,500 Goal

Support the Student Outreach Clinic

IU School of Nursing

The IU Student Outreach Clinic is a student-run facility that provides care-based healthcare services free of charge to the uninsured and under-served. Please, show support for the clinic and nursing students today!

$750 Raised
16 Donors
$2,500 Goal

Solving Public Health Crises

Student Scholarships

School of Public Health students are training to tackle state, national and global challenges that affect us all in one way or another. Your gift today supports scholarships for students who will make a difference!

$1,085 Raised
13 Donors
$1,500 Goal

Summer Language Workshop Access

Student Scholarships

Help students find new voices and global perspectives! The Summer Language Workshop is growing a new scholarship fund to allow students to learn new languages and develop international career skills. Show your support!

$480 Raised
5 Donors
$3,500 Goal

Bridging the Visibility Gap

Women’s Philanthropy

The IU Women’s Philanthropy Visibility Fund recognizes and celebrates the many women and minorities who have helped build the character and excellence of IU. Your gift helps honor them at their home institution!

$3,040 Raised
33 Donors
$4,040 Goal

Future of Philanthropy Challenge

Lilly Family School of Philanthropy 30th Anniversary

We’re celebrating the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s 30th anniversary - 30 years at the vanguard of philanthropy education!

$6,710 Raised
90 Donors
$6,000 Goal

Help Bring Robotics to Bloomington

School of Art, Architecture + Design

Support Makerspace for Art and Design (aka MAD LABS), and join the School of Art, Architecture + Design in bringing cutting-edge tech to the Bloomington campus. Your gift to the MAD LABS Support Fund makes it possible.

$1,120 Raised
34 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Advancing the Student Outreach Clinic

School of Medicine

Help Indiana University School of Medicine students raise funds to make medical care more accessible to an underserved neighborhood on the east of Indianapolis. The first $2,500 in total gifts will be matched!

$2,610 Raised
15 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Show Your Love for IU Northwest

IU Day 2018

Join us in the IU Day celebration! While there are many ways to celebrate your love for IU, giving a gift today is a special way to show your support of the future of IU Northwest and our students!

$3,235 Raised
29 Donors
$3,500 Goal

Paddling for Scholarships 2018

Stefan S. Davis IUPUI Regatta Scholarship

At the heart of the Regatta is tradition, community, and scholarship. Join us as we come together to raise scholarship funds for our fellow Jags.

$1,695 Raised
34 Donors
$5,000 Goal

Empower Social Change

IUB Undergraduate Activities in Sociology

Our active and engaged Sociology undergraduate students need your support! In the past year, they worked to empower disadvantaged populations and advocate for social change. Please help us continue these efforts!

$1,745 Raised
13 Donors
$5,000 Goal

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