Help Liberal Arts Students Stay at IUPUI

IUPUI Liberal Arts

Be a hero in the lives of liberal arts students and help them complete college. Your gift will help bridge the funding gap that can prevent students from earning a degree.

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Support Public Health Research

IU Bloomington

The School of Public Health is helping Indiana tackle challenges that affect us all in one way or another. Your gift today supports solutions for crises like the opioid addiction epidemic and sustainable food access.

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Pass on your +1

The IUAAA +1 Fund supports IU Auditorium alumni and student staff through its varying initiatives, activities, and scholarships. Please join us this year as we focus on awarding a scholarship in honor of Doug Booher.

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IU South Bend Softball

Help our team raise funds for our Spring Trip to Clermont, Fl. All donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.

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OVPUE Staff Campaign

A gift today will help OVPUE meet emerging needs as identified by its staff, including student engagement, staff recognition and enrichment, emergency support, and varied requests outside of operating budgets.

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Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, I…

Your support will help us continue to grant degrees in Engineering and Technology that improve our world.

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Art Education: Out of the Museum, Into the Cla…

With the renovation of the IU Eskenazi Museum of Art, we are keeping our commitment to art education by visiting all Monroe County second-grade classrooms this year. With your help, we can visit more classrooms in 2018!

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$2,500 Goal

Students Preserving the World of Ray Bradbury…

Students help preserve over 100,000 papers of correspondence, documents, and photographs in the collection at the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies. Their work has just begun and we need your support.

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School of Dentistry International Service Lear…

The IUSD International Service Learning Program provides much-needed oral health services around the globe while also giving students the chance to enhance their skill sets as practicing dentists.

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Grow Stronger Together—SHRS Gives 2017

Join us to inspire and educate future health professionals as they create a stronger, healthier Indiana and world. Your gift will support SHRS students; we grow stronger together!

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Support the next FSPH Scholarship

The future of public health is determined by the actions we take now. With your support, we will help students like Hadya continue their education. Please make a gift today towards the next FSPH student scholarship.

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All In for IUN

Are you All In for IUN? Help a student, make your gift today!

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Advance the East Asian Studies Center

Established in 1979, the East Asian Studies Center strives to build networks of knowledge, practice, resources, and discovery that enhance understanding of East Asia locally, regionally, and nationally.

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Further the Work of The Global Center

The Center for the Study of Global Change is a hub of internationalization, global scholarship, and innovative partnerships. Your support will foster global engagement, understanding, and responsibility.

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Support An Education That Works Anywhere

The knowledge and skills students gain at IU Southeast will help them succeed in any environment, anywhere in the world. Your gifts to the IU Southeast General Fund helps to support the immediate needs of the campus.

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Support IUPUI Student Foundation Leaders

Please make a gift today to support scholarships for IUPUI students who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to the betterment of the IUPUI campus community.

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IMU is Home

The iconic IMU has been home to students, faculty, and alumni for over 85 years. Help the Union continue its strong tradition of offering programming, gathering spaces, and experiences to all members of the IU community.

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Transform LHSI Internships

Help interns apply skills, explore career fields, and grow as professionals by supporting the Life-Health Sciences Internship Program!

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Kelley Students Making the World Better

Students in the Kelley Institute for Social Impact apply business skills to foster economic and social change. Help support KISI students grow professionally and impact communities locally, nationally, and globally.

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IU Greeks Give Back!

Indiana University is poised to be the most progressive fraternity and sorority community in the United States, and we need your help in supporting the Herman B Wells Greek Education Fund.

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Support Media School Students

Now more than ever, our world needs highly skilled and responsibly trained media professionals. Join us in preparing the next generation of industry leaders by supporting The Media School’s scholarship campaign.

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Give to the Jacobs School of Music Today

Donors to the Dean's Fund give the Jacobs School the extraordinary power and flexibility to seize breakthrough opportunities for students and faculty as they emerge, delivering support precisely when it is needed most.

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Advance the Student Outreach Clinic

Help Indiana University School of Medicine students raise funds to make medical care more accessible to an underserved neighborhood in Indianapolis. The first $2,500 given will be matched!

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$5,000 Goal

Support IU's Women in Technology Center

You have the power to rewrite the story of women in technology! Inspire, encourage, and empower the next generation of tech-savvy women with your gift to the IU Center of Excellence for Women in Technology.

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35 Donors
$25,000 Goal

Miles for Myeloma 2017

Many physicians go the extra mile for their patients. Few go more than 2,000. For 12 years, Dr. Rafat Abonour and the Miles for Myeloma team have gone the extra mile for families affected by myeloma.

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$10,000 Goal

Alfred Kinsey Sculpture Campaign

Help us celebrate and honor the pioneering spirit of this great IU scientist and preserve his legacy to inspire future generations.

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$10,000 Goal

Support a new documentary on the Ernie Pyle st…

Ernie Pyle is one of IU and Indiana’s most celebrated journalists. But there is more to his story than the WWII reporting that made him famous. Help WTIU create an extensive television documentary on Pyle’s life and work

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$15,000 Goal

Robert H. Shaffer Memorial Fund

To celebrate Robert Shaffer's remarkable life, his generosity in words and deeds, and his contributions to Indiana University, higher education and student affairs, IU established the Robert H. Shaffer Memorial Fund.

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$50,000 Goal

Kelley Student Campaign

For all, all in.

$450 Raised
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$12,000 Goal

Indiana Center for AIDS Research

These are uncertain times for public funding for HIV/AIDS research in the U.S. and around the world. Now more than ever, we need support from the community for research happening right here at the IU School of Medicine.

$1,150 Raised
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$4,000 Goal

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